3.1.1 – The institution’s research facilities are frequently updated and there is a well-defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented (2022-23)

The research facilities are regularly modernised as per the requirement. There is a central instrumentation facility with high end instruments like HPLC, HPTLC, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, refrigerated centrifuge, precision balances to name a few. Staff and students are trained to use the same. There is a well-defined policy for promotion of research and the same is available on the college website. The research policy encompasses research promotion, plagiarism check, research ethics, research consultancy, IPR etc. The research development cell constituted as per UGC guidelines comprises of committees for finance and infrastructure, research program and policy development, collaboration and community, product development, monitoring and commercialization and IPR, legal and ethical matters. All these are involved in promotion of research. The vibrant research advisory committee meets regularly and discusses about programs to be organised for promotion of research and to develop an ethical research culture. Strengthening student research by mini and major projects. Our college has nine research centres across faculty with 36 Ph.D students registered. To promote research special lectures on writing a good manuscript, ethics in research, IPR, writing of research proposals are regularly organised. To encourage teachers and PG students to take up research projects, seed money is provided.

Minutes of the Meeting of Governing Body where Research Policy is approved

RAC Report

URL of policy document on promotion of research uploaded on the website

Research Development Cell

Research Development Cell-Website Link

As per the recent guidelines from the University Grants Commission, a Research and Development Cell (RDC) has been formed consisting of the following members. The aim of the cell would be to promote quality research and frame policies for strengthening the research ecosystem in the college.

Research Development Cell (RDC):


Chairman: Dr. Himanshu Dawda, Principal 

Director: Dr. Kiran Kolwankar (Convenor)


Committee 1: Finance and Infrastructure

  • Maj. Pravin Nayak
  • Mr. Dhananjay Parab
  • Dr. Asavari Mokal


Committee 2: Research Program, Policy Development

  • Dr. Neeta Chakravarty
  • Dr. Devraj Pawar
  • Dr. Janhavi Bhagwat
  • Mr. Chinmay Bapat


Committee 3: Collaboration and Community

  • Dr. Vaishali Raikwar
  • Dr. Sanket Tikare
  • Dr. Laxmi Podoli
  • Dr. Rachana Achary


Committee 4: Product Development, Monitoring and Commercialization

  • Dr. Selvi Nadar
  • Ms.Rekha Shetty
  • Dr. Karishma Rajbhar


Committee 5: IPR, Legal and Ethical Matters

  • Dr. Madhura Kalamkar
  • Ms. Pallavi Kharkar
  • Dr. Janhavi Bhagwat