Teaching Staff

Sr. NoStaff PhotoName of the Full-time teacherDesignation Name of the Department/SubjectHighest QualificationYear of appointmentSanctioning authority (Govt. / Mgmt / University)Nature of appointment (temporary/permanent)GenderI Card No (Unique ID)Short BioEmail (rjcollege.edu.in email id)Personal Web URLQualificationProfessional MembershipsAreas of ExpertiseLink to your Biodata which is up-loaded on your google drive
1Staff PhotoDr. Himanshu DawdaPRINCIPALBOTANYPh.D7/3/1989GovernmentPermanentMaleDr. Himanshu Dawda, born in 1966 into a Gujarati business family, has consistently recognized the value of education for holistic development since his early childhood. Demonstrating exceptional oratory skills in Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati, he excelled academically and garnered recognition for his participation in debates and elocution competitions throughout his schooling and college years.
Commencing his educational journey at Ramnarian Ruia in 1981 as a junior college student, he continued his higher education at the same institution after completing his 12th standard, graduating with remarkable achievements. His passion for language and communication led him to work as a translator and reporter for the esteemed Garvi Gujarat weekly publication based in London.
Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he pursued postgraduate studies in plant physiology at Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College in 1986. His dedication and academic prowess led to his distinction in obtaining an MSc degree. In 1989, he returned to his alma mater as a lecturer in botany, and in 1996, he successfully obtained his Doctorate degree.
Over the course of his career, Dr. Dawda has demonstrated his commitment to academia and professional development. He was appointed as the Vice Principal in 2009, Incharge Principal in 2020 and in 2021, he assumed the role of Principal at his institution. Throughout his tenure, he engaged in valuable training programs, specializing in molecular biology at CCMB and photosynthesis at the Robert Hill Institution in London.
As a respected research guide in botany and biotechnology, Dr. Dawda has mentored numerous students. Currently, six students are pursuing their doctorate programs under his guidance, with three of them having successfully completed their Ph.D. degrees. His scholarly contributions extend beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his publications in national and international journals, along with authoring several books.
Dr. Dawda's impact extends beyond his research and teaching endeavors. He has spearheaded reforms in the examination system, fostering a positive learning environment for students. His dedication to mentoring and supporting students has garnered widespread appreciation and recognition throughout his illustrious career.
2Staff PhotoDr. Anil AvhadAssociate ProfessorBOTANYPh.D8/30/2001GovernmentPermanentMaleDr Anil Avhad completed his PG (1997) From B K Birla College, Kalyan and PhD (2012) from R J College, Ghatkopar in the subject of Botany. He has been teaching undergraduate and post-graduate courses since 1997. He is currently working as Professor, Department of Botany, R J College (affiliated to University of Mumbai), Ghatkopar State. Maharashtra).
For the doctoral work, Dr Anil Avhad had worked under the guidance of Dr Himanshu Dawda, Principal and Head, Department of Botany, R J College, Ghatkopar. The title of his doctoral thesis was “Studies on mechanisms of Nitrate uptake and assimilation in Sessuvium portulacastrum L”.
His core research interest lies in Plant Physiology, Eco-physiology and Climate change. He is also a Research guide in Botany and Currently 3 students are registered under him for PhD degree and 2 students have completed the PhD program.
anilavhad@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D, SET & M.Sc• Life member of Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences (ATBS)
• Life member of Indian Science Congress (ISC)
• Mangrove Society of India (MSI)
• Life member of Association of Fungal Biologist.
Plant Physiology, Eco-physiology and Climate changehttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1NWfrIkvfqIaRulfD9dwInvSI7szlEIv8/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=110585039257234659853&rtpof=true&sd=true
3Staff PhotoMajor Pravin G NayakAssociate ProfessorBOTANYMSc7/1/1998GovernmentPermanentMale
4Dr. Veena KelkarAssistant ProfessorBOTANYPh.D1/12/2008GovernmentPermanentFemale
5Dr. Dan Bahadur SinghAssistant ProfessorBOTANYPh.D12/7/2009GovernmentPermanentMale
6Ms. Ruchira Vijay JavkarAssistant ProfessorBOTANYMSc1/7/2018ManagementTemporaryFemale
7Aishwarya Deepak ParabAssistant ProfessorBOTANYMsc6/17/2019ManagementTemporaryFemale
8Namarata H JaiswalAssistant ProfessorBOTANYMsc11/11/2019ManagementTemporaryFemale
9Staff PhotoSanika GupteAssociate ProfessorZOOLOGYMSc11/11/2002GovernmentPermanentFemaleMrs Sanika Gupte is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology. She has been associated with the institution since 2002. She did her M.Sc in Entomology from Pune University and qualified for her CSIR-NET exam in 2001. She completed her B.Ed. and is currently pursuing her Ph.D.
She teaches Histology, Endocrinology, Economic Zoology and Biochemistry to UG classes and has been a PG-recognized teacher since 2009 by the University of Mumbai. She has worked in committees like WDC, Science Association, NSS (program officer), SES-REC, RAC Human Value Cell, etc.
sanikagupte@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. B.Ed CSIR-NETLife member of IATBS , Member of ESI
10Staff PhotoDr. Bindu AcharyAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYPh.D9/1/2006GovernmentPermanentFemaleDr. Bindu Achary is an Associate Professor in the Department of Zoology. She has completed her M.Sc in Oceanography, B.Ed, Diploma in Management Education and Ph.D. She joined the institution as a faculty in the year 2006. She teaches topics like Animal biotechnology, Genetics, Haematology and Cancer biology for UG courses. She is a recognized PG teacher in Mumbai University since 2009. She was In-charge for the Cultural committee for a period of five years. She has worked as member of Purchase Committee, IQAC, Speaker’s Forum, Vigilance squad and Self Awareness Program. She is currently the department coordinator for DBT and NAAC.
binduachary@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. B.Ed. DME, SET, Ph.DLife member of ATBSOceanography, Biotechnology, Immunology and Geneticshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1mGCcjMOtaQEMRZTS1kyt9ni52T4xJg3c/view?usp=sharing
11Staff PhotoDr. Janhavi BhagwatAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYPh.D7/26/2008GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is Assistant Professor. Has been teaching UG and PG classes since 2008. She is recognised as PhD guide in Zoology. Her Research interest is in drug discovery and development, invertebrate zoology, development of model systems for efficacy testing. She is member of R.J Herald, Harmony magazine, Research Advisory Committe, Animal Ethics Committee, IQAC, Research Development Cell and Co-ordinator for Aavishkar Research Convention.jabhagwat@rjcollege.edu.inNILMSc, NET & Ph.DATBSToxicology, Hematology, Enzymology, Experimental Animal physiology, Drug Developmenthttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vd4YhV7HDr0UjYDyHL_EY8yi5q0JgdMS?usp=sharing
12Dr. Geeta JoshiAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYPh.D6/30/2009GovernmentPermanentFemale
13Staff PhotoDeepak PoojaryAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYMSc7/17/2010GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is Assistant Professor in Zoology department since 2010. He has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 14 years. He teaches different topics like ethology, physiology, comparative anatomy, fisheries, wildlife management for UG course and oceanography for PG course. He is presently the chairperson of the Cultural Association and also member of the Gender Equity Cell of the college. Along with academics, he is also a skilled artist with expertise in many folk paintings and is currently pursuing training in Odissi dance.deepakpoojary@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc (2009), CSIR-NET(2009) AIR-6thATBSOceanography and Fishery scienceshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1OniO0rDvy1Ag15AMibK4_G3Zyp_IRmuY/view?usp=sharing
14Staff PhotoSushma SinghAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYMSc8/2/2010GovernmentPermanentFemaleI am Sushma Singh, a Zoology graduate with honors (B.Sc.) and a Parasitology specialist holding an M.Sc. from Aligarh Muslim University. I have B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees from the same institution. In June 2002, I qualified for the National Eligibility Test for Lecturer-ship (NET) in Life Sciences conducted by CSIR-UGC. Currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the Institute of Science in Mumbai, I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at R.J. College, Ghatkopar Mumbai, affiliated with the University of Mumbai, since August 2010. With 20 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate level and 5 years at the postgraduate level, my courses cover Molecular biology, immunology, Biostatistics, Bioprospecting, Parasitology, Genetics, and Environmental Science. My research focuses on Parasitology and Environmental Science, I am associated with DLLE unit of Mumbai university for past seven years .I am also proficient in watercolor painting.sushmasingh@rjcollege.edu.inNET & M.Sc.Life membership 1. ATBS Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences (LM/ 0260) 2. Indian Society for Parasitology.Parasitology https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UDPUsZwBcBPxcjuJWcFxbyhslN6fpmlng1l1meCafbc/edit?usp=sharing
15Staff PhotoBhagirath MishraAssistant ProfessorZOOLOGYMSc9/16/2016GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is an assistant professor in the department of Zoology since 2016. He has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 7 years. He teaches topics like Molecular biology, Genetic engineering, Animal tissue culture, Evolution & Bioinformatics for UG classes and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry for PG classes.
He is member of NSS committee, UPSC coaching committee, SES-REC MGNCRE committee and anti ragging squad of R. Jhunjhunwala College.
bhagiratmishra@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. NET, SET & GATEATBSAnimal Physiology https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i4EiZhz-pjqjyNlJLjmXlypXlRMaC2bO/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=115023924271276119418&rtpof=true&sd=true
16Dr. Devraj PawarAssociate ProfessorPHYSICSPh.D9/2/2004GovernmentPermanentMale
17Staff PhotoDr. Kiran KolwankarAssociate ProfessorPHYSICSPh.D9/1/2006GovernmentPermanentMaleAt present, Vice Principal and Professor in the Department of Physics. Humboldt Fellow (2003). Held post-doctoral positions in Germany (MPI-MIS, 2004-2006), France (IRCyN, Nantes and Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, 2000-2002) and Bengaluru (IISc, 1998-99). PhD in 1998 from University of Pune.Kiran.Kolwankar@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://sites.google.com/view/kirankolwankar/homePh. D., NET (JRF)IAPT and IPANonlinear Dynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Applied Mathematicshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1F4Pk1AXj0bAbuAWrL1YBV9PLbT4BnJar/view?usp=sharing
18Dr. Sandip HingeAssistant ProfessorPHYSICSPh.D12/1/2008GovernmentPermanentMale
19Staff PhotoDr. Vaishali RaikwarAssistant ProfessorPHYSICSPh.D11/19/2012GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor at Deartment of Physics. She joined in the year 2012 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for the past 11 years. She completed her Ph. D. in 2016. Her research interest are synthesis and appications of luminescent nanomaterials.. She is the Co-ordinator of DLLE unit and member of IQAC and SES-REC committee. vaishaliraikwar@rjcollege.edu.in M. Sc. NET Ph. D.Indian Institute of Physics TeachersMaterial Science, Luminescent nanomatetials, phosphors for lighting devices, carbon dotshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bk_UnzomGJ_c_hRFfTzUDpmW-eoK9wIh/view?usp=sharing
20Staff PhotoDr. Ashishkumar YadavAssistant ProfessorPHYSICSPh.D10/1/2016GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is joined as an Assistant Professor of physics dept. In the year 2016. He has completed his Ph.D. in 2023. He has cleared most of the competitive exam(NET-JRF, SET, GATE, JEST, BARC etc.). He take the course like mathematical physics, Quantum mechanics, Electrodynamics, classical mechanics, optics etc.ashishyadav@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D. ,NET, SET & MScCondensed matter physics, mathematical physics, Electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and othershttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1CwaSBXj3JrNqhJuyE7Tt-OdlUxPYgZOi/view?usp=drivesdk
21Mr. Prafulladutta (Surplus Teacher from other college)Assistant ProfessorPHYSICSMSc6/20/1994GovernmentPermanentMale
22Staff PhotoMr Jagdish Balkrishna HandeAssistant ProfessorPHYSICSMSc12/5/2017ManagementTemporaryMaleI am working as an assistant professor in physics department for ad-hoc basis.I joined in the year 2017 and has been teaching UG and PG.handejagdish4127@gmail.comNilMSc.NilNil
23Rani Shaikh
24Staff PhotoDr. Abhay D. SawantAssociate ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D8/30/2001GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is an Associate Professor and Head of Chemistry department. He has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 29 yrs. He worked as N.S.S. Program officer for five years. He is one of the research guide in chemistry department. His topics of research interest are solvent extraction, method development & validation of UV-Visible spectrophotometric and HPLC methods, synthesis of deep Eutectic Solvents and their industrial applications. He has guided one M.Sc. (by research) students. At present, he is guiding one Ph. D. student. He has authored a book “ College Analytical Chemistry” for third Year B.Sc. University of Mumbai.
abhaysawant@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc.,Ph.D, SET Life fellow of Indian council of chemists, BOS Member of KV Pendarkar College, (Autonomous) , Dombivali (East), His topics of research interest are solvent extraction, method development & validation of UV-Visible spectrophotometric and HPLC methods, synthesis of deep Eutectic Solvents and their industrial applications.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wef0KH5g-2wONJQFVTfUbzq0HIZxsp5f8yCkGQd9HqE/edit?usp=drive_link
25Staff PhotoDr. Vaishnavi SridharAssociate ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D8/30/2001GovernmentPermanentFemaleDr. Vaishnavi Sridhar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry. She joined in the year 2000 and has been teaching UG for 23 years and PG for the past 10 yrs. She completed her Ph.D in 2012 on the topic,” Solvent extraction of non-ferrous metals using Chelating extractants”. She has three international and one national research paper published during her Ph.D program. She teaches topics like Solid State Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry & Organometallic Chemistry for UG & PG courses. She has designed many chemistry experiments for the first year students of B.Sc., under DBT activity., She is a member of IQAC committee, Code of Conduct committee and ABC cell under NEP 2020.vaishnavisridhar@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc., M.Phil, SET,Ph.D.,Solid state Chemistry & Solvent extraction of non-ferrous metalshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1vSZ_BCfUcXz-_WcXFmIq_NCr_5llcNOWkDTUT2RGhPI/edit?usp=sharing
26Mandar D. MedhiAssociate ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc8/30/2000GovernmentPermanentMale
27Staff PhotoDr. Deepali PimpleAssociate ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D7/2/1993GovernmentPermanentFemaleDr Deepali Pimple is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at RJ college, Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Her area of specialization is Inorganic Chemistry. She completed her Ph.D in 2001 from Mumbai University. She has 30 years of experience teaching undergraduate and 17 years of postgraduate degree courses.deepalipimple@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc Ph.DInorganic chemistryhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1dsrkG25S270_hwopEqPW_DGvDOl7KMOfMfqMaBj-yLE/edit?usp=drive_link
28Staff PhotoDr. Manisha BhattacharyaAssociate ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D9/1/2006GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an Associate Professor in Chemistry dept. She joined in the year 2006 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 20 yrs. She has completed her Ph.D in 2002. She teaches Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry to UG and Analytical Chemistry in PG courses.manishabhattacharya@rjcollege.edu.innot therePh.Dnot thereSurfactants, Electrochemistryhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1G037iveAP_yv8yXLkM8xhLxsfzkChbNw4Pax6ocjvtk/edit?usp=drive_link
29Dr. Jitendra GiraseAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D12/11/2008GovernmentPermanentMale
30Dr. Pratap KambleAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D1/2/2008GovernmentPermanentMale
31Staff PhotoPrabijna BabuAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc7/29/2010GovernmentPermanentMaleDone BSc (Chemistry Honours) from Utkal University and MSc (Chemistry) from IIT Bombay. Joined RJ College in 2010 and has been teaching BSc and MSc courses since then. Pursuing PhD from Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai. Other responsibilities include Coordinator of DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME of Chemistry Department, Coordinator of MSc Part-2 (Inorganic Chemistry specialization) and Additional Information Officer for right to information (RTI) committee of R J College.prabijnababu@rjcollege.edu.inNot availableM.Sc., JRF-NET, GATENot takenHydrogen production by steam reforming process, CO2 capture by chemisorption, Catalysis, Income tax return filing, Investment and Financial planninghttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1qHkz5ddlDxqQuwQJSnt3kfQb8dp-a27-/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=100370752058543335037&rtpof=true&sd=true
32Staff PhotoDr. Asawari MokalAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D3/16/2009GovernmentPermanentFemaleAssistant Professor in chemistry department. Joined in the year 2009 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 13 yrs. Completed Ph.D. in 2001. Teaches topics like Stereochemistry, Green chemistry, Polymers, Catalysts and Reagents for UG classes and NMR Spectroscopy, Steroids & Natural products for PG. Co-Ordinator of M.Sc-Part-II, Organic Chemistry. An active member of Research Advisory Committee and NSS unit of R.J. College. asawarimokal@rjcollege.edu.inwww.youtube.com/@asawarimokal7274Ph.D Organic chemistry, Green chemistryhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/14KKLTppp9XTEUP4z9Y4txaxi2nbyRABu/view?usp=sharing
33Staff PhotoDr. Amol KadamAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D8/2/2010GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is working as an assistant professor in dept. Of chemistry. He joined in the year 2010 and has been teaching UG for past 13 years. He completed his Ph.D. in 2018. amolkadam@rjcollege.edu.inM. Sc., NET, Ph. DOrganic chemistryhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1l7u-KM_6jVmJyLk7yhKAdNcbpWSfM8JPgifdB6BbIJY/edit?usp=drive_link
34Dr. Sandesh DivekarAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D9/20/2011GovernmentPermanentMale
35Staff PhotoDr. Palak (Neelam) ChawlaAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYPh.D9/18/2014GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an assistant professor. She joined in the year of 2014 and has been teaching UG and PG courses from last 9 years. She had undertaken DST SERB major project in 2016. She teaches Chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, nuclear chemistry for UG and Polymer chemistry and Surface chemistry for PG course.palakchawla@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D, CSIR JRF, GATE & M.ScPhysical Chemistryhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1z09amv7ybgWbyGe2CYXBFo9pXM_fuJuu/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=108393633852806173406&rtpof=true&sd=true
36Nilesh G RanadeAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc1/2/2021ManagementTemporaryMale
37Sangita KrishnanAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc8/20/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
38Ms. Chhaya JagtapAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc12/1/2021ManagementTemporary
39Ms. Dulari Mahendranath YadavAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc12/1/2021ManagementTemporary
40Ms. Namrata SinghAssistant ProfessorCHEMISTRYMSc12/1/2021ManagementTemporary
41Staff PhotoChhaya S PingeAssociate ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc9/7/1991GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Statistics. She joined in the year 1991 and has been teaching for past 32 years. She is specialized in teaching Biostatistics, Theory of Hypothesis, Operations Research, Theory of Sampling and Designs of Experiments.
She likes interacting with students and encouraging them in overall development.
Her interests are gardening, reading , writing and presenting literature in various forms.
chhayapinge@rjcollege.edu.inMScLife member of 'The society of Statistics, Computer and Applications' Biostatistics, Operations Research, Theory of Sampling, Designs of Experiments and Testing of Hypothesis https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A6S_LcpyG5AwpT48MkVA20ZIjYngcQ36GMuRtw4LJws/edit?usp=drive_link
42Staff PhotoRahul TiwariAssistant ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc9/16/2016GovernmentPermanentMaleI am an Assistant Professor and joined this Institution in the year 2016. I have been teaching UG and PG courses for past 7 years. I am pursuing my Ph.D from University of Mumbai. I am teaching papers like Descriptive Statistics, Operations Research, Regression Analysis Using R software, Sampling Theory and Analysis of Variance & Designs of Experiments etc. I am the course co-ordinator of different courses like Descriptive Statistics using R, Data Analysis Using R etc. I am workign as a member of different committees like Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Department of Life Long Learning (DLLE), National Service Scheme (NSS) etc.rahultiwari@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc and SETJournal of Indian Statistical Association (JISA) Theory of Estimation, Distribution theory and Testing of Hypothesis.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A4rYiYyBVkNSQtm0bHkT9BLyaTUWD7uF/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=108445506045658701858&rtpof=true&sd=true
43Staff PhotoSingh Jayshankar HAssistant ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc7/1/2017ManagementTemporaryMaleHe is an assistant professor in Department of Statistics. He joined in the year 2016 . He is also co-ordinator of MSc ( Statistics). He has beean teaching UG courses from past 7 years and PG courses in past 3 years. He is also a visiting faculty in Somaiya Vidyavihar University and in department of Statistics of University of Mumbai for PG courses. He is area of expertise is Testing of Hypothesis, Estimation and Beysian Infererence. jayshankarsingh@rjcollege.edu.inSET Estimation and Testing of Hypothesishttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1pUlUy8q__OuMRsnC8nryBzc5gaB-3iCJ/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=114589233262024708598&rtpof=true&sd=true
44Staff PhotoSuraj Amrej SinghAssistant ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc11/1/2021ManagementTemporaryMaleMr. Suraj Singh joined as an Assistant Professor (Temporary ) in Statistics Department in the year 2021 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for the past four years. He completed his MSc in Applied Statistics & Analytics from NMIMS. He teaches topics like Descriptive Statistics, Sampling, Probability & Distribution Theory, Survival Analysis, Statistical methods, Time Series Analysis, R & Python Programming, Designs of experiments. He has also been an active member of the Cultural committee.surajamrejsingh@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyKo6jAVsE0hVinzH7q-FGgM.Sc Applied Statistics & AnalyticsIndian Society of Probability and StatisticsSampling, Probability & Distribution Theory, Designs of Experiment, Survival Analysis, R & Python Programming, etchttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1KQ1gNgu611YG5gQwJh1SdNjM7XQozvFz/view?usp=sharing
45Vishal S JaiswalAssistant ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc12/5/2022ManagementTemporaryMale
46Staff PhotoVaishnavi S NairAssistant ProfessorSTATISTICSMSc8/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemaleMs. Vaishnavi Nair is a postgraduate from University of Mumbai and has qualified the Maharashtra SET examination during her academic year itself. She joined as a teaching faculty in department of statistics for UG as well as PG courses in the year 2023. She teaches topics like Statistical Methods, Probability & Distribution theory, Sampling, Stochastic Process.vaishnavinair@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc, SETDistribution theory, Sampling theoryhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1AhcUbBxrtoFrplk4n1c38wGbFeuwqY-0/view?usp=drive_link
47Indra Singh SaudAssociate ProfessorMATHEMATICSMSc7/1/1997GovernmentPermanentMale
48Staff PhotoDr. Sanket TikareAssistant ProfessorMATHEMATICSPh.D11/11/2014GovernmentPermanentMaleDr. Sanket Tikare is an Assistant Professor in the department of mathematics. He has been teaching UG Mathematics courses. Sanket's research interest lies in the field of dynamic equations on time scales and their interactions with other areas of analysis. Currently, his research centres around the qualitative and quantitative study of various dynamic equations on time scales. Sanket is also interested in studying fractional differential as well as difference equations. Additionally, he is open to doing research collaboration on any topic in related fields.sankettikare@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Sanket-TikareM.Sc., Ph.D.Life member of the Indian Mathematical Society, Life member of the International Society of Difference Equations Applied Analysis, Continuous and Discrete Calculus with Applicationshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1fv_idHtWNwpHRKHH95BG4xvROY85owkX/view?usp=drive_link
49Ajay ShuklaAssistant ProfessorMATHEMATICSMSc8/12/2015GovernmentPermanentMale
50Staff PhotoMohd. Wasif HusainAssistant ProfessorMATHEMATICSMSc12/1/2021ManagementTemporaryMaleI am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department, having joined the college in 2021. I completed my M.Sc. in Mathematics in 2018 and obtained my B.Ed. in 2020.With two years of experience, i have been actively engaged in instructing UG courses.Wasifshah@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. and B.Ed.Mathematicshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1zpE8UiFcpo-qIiPUtMEt1PtCQcANYRUE/view?usp=drivesdk
51Staff PhotoJagruti DubeyAssistant ProfessorMATHEMATICSMSc10/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Associate Professor.she joined in the year 2022 and has been teaching UG courses for past 1 yr. She completed her M.sc in mathematics in 2022.She teaches for topics like Number theory, Vedic maths, Numerical methods for UG classes.jagruti2025@gmail.comM.sc in mathematics Mathematics https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IFKHv1KhbOn8K9RPp_qO5RHkrjauJP4y/view?usp=drivesdk
52Dr. Saraswathi MoorthyAssociate ProfessorACCOUNTANCYPh.D7/1/1995GovernmentPermanentFemale
53Jeetendra JhaAssistant ProfessorACCOUNTANCYMcom7/11/1994GovernmentPermanentMale
54Staff PhotoDr. Mangesh PanchalAssistant ProfessorACCOUNTANCYPh.D9/18/2014GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is an Assistant Professor and Research Supervisor. He joined in the year 2014 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for 9 years. He completed his Ph.D. in 2016. He also Ph.D. guide (research supervisior) in Commerce (Business Policy and Administration). Presently 4 students are pursuing Ph.D. under his guidance. He teaches subjects like Accountancy and Financial Management, Management Accounting, Auditing and Taxation for UG classes and Direct and Indirect taxes for PG course. mangeshpanchal@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D. NET, M.COM, B.Ed. Life Member of Indian Commerce Association (ICC) - MH 628
Life Member of Maharashtra State Commerce Association (MCA) – 859
Life Member of Indian Accounting Association (IIA)- THANE - 128
Accounts, Finance and Taxationhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1iXUsd0s_rl4cCW3RDh7YHyQWDL9l55bk/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117286158804495528637&rtpof=true&sd=true
55Staff PhotoDr. Subodh BarveAssistant ProfessorCOMMERCEPh.D8/6/2008GovernmentPermanentMaleHe is an assistant professor and Head of Department of commerce. Working in this institution since 2008. He has completed his Ph.D in 2023 and teaching to undergraduate students. He has 22 years of teaching experience at under graduate level. In the filed of research, he has published
and presented research papers in several national and international journals.
subodhbarve@rjcollege.edu.inNAPh.D, SET, LLB, MCOMMaharashtra State Commerce AssociationCommerce
56Dr Laxmi Desiti (Laxmi Podoli)Assistant ProfessorBUSINESS LAWPh.D11/19/2012GovernmentPermanentFemale
57Dr. Neeta ChakravartyAssociate ProfessorENGLISHPh.D9/1/2001GovernmentPermanentFemale
58Staff PhotoSharmila JajodiaAssociate ProfessorENGLISHMA9/2/2004GovernmentPermanentFemaleSharmila Jajodia is an Associate Professor in English in Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College
(Autonomous), Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai, (affiliated to University of Mumbai) India-86.
She has joined college in 2003. She has taught to UG and PG courses- Literary Criticism, Indian Literature, British Literature and American Literature, Linguistics and stylistics, besides Communication Skills and Business Skills. She has worked in various committees- Harmony, RJ Herald, Research Advisory and Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension etc.,

sharmilajajodia@rjcollege.edu.inM.A., SET, PGCTEMuse India, Research Horizons, AIFEST Comparative Studies, Indian literature, Translation, Linguistics and Stylistics besides Communicative Englishhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1KXQUNRUWSuDBHe47UT1JKJa8sfvSCZIBmPWiL0Ld4qI/edit?usp=drive_link
59Dr. Maria ShaikhAssistant ProfessorENGLISHPh.D1/2/2008GovernmentPermanentFemale
60Staff PhotoDr. Amit ValmikiAssociate ProfessorPHILOSOPHYPh.D7/1/1987GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an Associate Professor and Head of Philosophy Department. She joined in the year 1987 (CHB) and 1988 (Full Time [temporary]), working till date. She has been teaching in UG (R. J. College) last 36 years PG (Dept. of Philosophy) last 25 years. She completed her PhD in 2004. She teachers papers like Moral Philosophy, Indian and Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Bhagawad Gita. She is Coordinator of Philosophy Association, Human Values Cell and Gender Equity Committee of the College; and in Advisory Committee Member of Maharashtra Tattvadhyana Parishad. amitvalmiki@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.youtube.com/@amitavalPh.D., M.A., Diploma in Comparative Mythology, Certificate Course in SanskritBombay Philosophical Society
Indian Philosophical Congress
Maharashtra Tattvajñāna Parishad (Advisory Committee Member)
ISUD (International Society for Universal Dialogue) – (Was member of Board of
Directors at 2014-2016)
Ethics, Theistic Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Mysticism, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Film.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X_dE1IwiURLf6PMX4GC8Ur14xCXf8PcT/view?usp=drive_link
61Staff PhotoDr. Rina PuradkarAssociate ProfessorPHILOSOPHYPh.D9/1/2006GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy,She has joined in the year 2006 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for the past 17 years. She has completed her Ph.D in 2013. She is recognised as Research Guide. She is a member of the Board of Studies in Logic and Philosophy, the University of Mumbai, chairperson of the University of Mumbai examination for papers Philosophy of Bhagvad Gita, Living Ethical Issues, and a member of the examination committee of the University of Mumbai. Her areas of interest are Ethics, Philosophy of Yoga, Logic, Theistic Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Mysticism. For UG classes Philosophy of Yoga, Formal Logic, Moral Philosophy, Socio-political philosophy, Living Ethical Issues, and for PG course Mysticism, Existentialism. She is chairperson of the University of Mumbai examination for papers Philosophy of Bhagvad Gita, Living Ethical Issues, and a member of the examination committee of the University of Mumbai. She is a member of the College CWC committee and Philosophy Association. rinapuradkar@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://sites.google.com/d/1c94yzTW_SiR8ZWWlzU9OxhURsLVOTc6e/p/1Gos6SlUB8uIE2hq0tqR3itp0RkNP2E1s/edit?pli=1Ph.D, NET, SET, M.A., B.A., M.B.A.She is a life member of:
Indian Philosophical Congress
Maharashtra Tattvajñāna Parishad
Ethics, Philosophy of Yoga, Logic, Theistic Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, Mysticism, Socio-political philosophy
62Dr Shashi MishraAssociate ProfessorSOCIOLOGYPh.D6/26/1989GovernmentPermanentFemale
63Staff PhotoDr. Baishakhi DuttaAssociate ProfessorGEOGRAPHYPh.D7/1/1992GovernmentPermanentFemaleShe is an Associate Professor and In-charge of Geography Department. joined in the year 1992 and has been teaching UG for 31 years and taught PG for 4 years' completed her Ph.D. in 2006. She teaches Physical and Human geography along with Environmental studies at Ug Level. Taught Urban Geography in PG level. She is a guide in Geography from University of Mumbai from 2015 guiding four students. VC nominee for BOS in various colleges.geography@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D, Msc in GeographyBGA, IISSR, Global Scholar, Golden Geographer etc..Urban Planning and sustainable environment etc
64Dr. Sneha DeuskarAssociate ProfessorMARATHIPh.D9/1/1995GovernmentPermanentFemale
65Dr. Neelambari KulkarniAssociate ProfessorMARATHIPh.D9/2/2004GovernmentPermanentFemale
66Dr. Bhushan ArekarAssociate ProfessorPOLITICAL SCIENCEPh.D10/9/2005GovernmentPermanentMale
67Steven LoboAssistant ProfessorPOLITICAL SCIENCEMA9/1/2007GovernmentPermanentMale
68Dr. Meher MistryAssistant ProfessorHISTORYPh.D9/1/2006GovernmentPermanentFemale
69Ms Snehal NagtilakAssistant ProfessorHISTORYMA8/13/2015GovernmentPermanentFemale
70Dr. Mithilesh SharmaAssociate ProfessorHINDIPh.D7/26/2008GovernmentPermanentFemale
71Mr. Gupta Ashokkumar KAssistant ProfessorHINDIMA7/2/2018ManagementTemporary
72Dr. Sucheta JoshiAssociate ProfessorECONOMICSPh.D6/9/1999GovernmentPermanentFemale
73Pranali KarnikAssistant ProfessorECONOMICSMA11/3/2014GovernmentPermanentFemale
74Devashree GhorpadeAssistant ProfessorECONOMICSMA8/17/2015GovernmentPermanentFemale
75Sudhanshu PalavAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMA8/1/2023ManagementTemporaryMale
76Staff PhotoAnita GaikwadAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/4/2011ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Asst Professor and Head of BSc Computer Science dept. She joined in the year 2011 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 15 yrs. She completed her MSc Computer Sci in 2008. She teaches topics like Linux, DBMS, ADBMS, Linear Algebra, LSA for UG classes and Data Science, Web Mining, Operation Research for PG course. She is member of IQAC committee. anitagaikwad_cs@rjcollege.edu.inMSc Computer ScienceData Science Machine Learninghttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1oWz2YLxlDYz7mPoa7v_TcQLxtkL7ZyM7/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111645251911815087621&rtpof=true&sd=true
77Staff PhotoVaidehi DeshpandeAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc6/1/2009ManagementPermanentFemaleI am Assistant Professor and Incharge of Computer Science dept PG Sections. I had joined in the year 2008 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 15 yrs. I had completed my MSC in 2008. Till now I have teacher subjects like OS, Databases, Algorithms, Data structures, IOT for UG classes and Embedded systems , Algorithms, Optimizations, DSP for PG course. She is the Co-ordinator of PG section and a member of Admission committee , Alumni Association. vaidehideshpande@rjcollege.edu.inNAMSC Computer ScienceNAEmbedded Systems & IOT, Algorithms, Databses, Operating Systems, Cloud Computinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kw5mLhdnhoj5t4dmrCttqy3LfZ4MaH181/view?usp=sharing
78Staff PhotoTejaswee PolAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/5/2011ManagementPermanentFemaleI am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science department. I joined in the year 2011 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 12 years. I teaches Artificial Intelligence, Data Science for UG classes and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Deep Learning for PG course. I am a member of Library committee.tejaswee_cs@rjcollege.edu.inMaster in Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualizationhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/11oRbvDEtRA2tmZn7HJOhv5KcBfEIX5va/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=102867312474318536848&rtpof=true&sd=true
79Vinita SinghAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/6/2011ManagementPermanentFemale
80Staff PhotoPriyanka Nimse (Priyanka Gavane)Assistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/16/2012ManagementPermanentFemaleI am Assistant Professor working in Computer Science Department. I joined college in the year 2012 and has been teaching UG and PG Courses for past 13 yrs. I completed M.Sc. (computer Science) in 2009.Teaches topics like Programming, Networking, Security, Cyber Security ,Data Communication for UG and PG course. I am Member of Department of Lifelog Learning Extension Activity committee.priyanka_cs @rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc(Computer Science)Programming, Networking, Cyber Security,Algorithmhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1N3MIWBox2qOX83r5oOhJDrPRsvvlzYR3/view?usp=drive_link
81Staff PhotoNilam PatadeAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/4/2016ManagementPermanentFemaleI am a Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department, joined in the year 2016.My Subjects are Linux, Computer Networks, Cloud Technology, Asp.Net for UG Classes and Web 3 Technologies for PG course. Also a part of 'Safai Bank' committee.nilampatade_cs@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc in Information TechnologyLinux ,C# ,.Net, Cloud Computinghttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1rsJWd2i6PCLKEdW2of1rkHfBthwJtzQ9/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=104520812233729965835&rtpof=true&sd=true
82Saba ShaikhAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc8/1/2018ManagementPermanentFemale
83Staff PhotoPooja KushwahaAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/1/2019ManagementPermanentFemale
She is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department. She joined in 2019 and has been teaching UG courses for the past 4 years. She obtained her MSc in Computer Science degree in 2019. She has been teaching subjects like the Internet of Things, software testing, theory of computation, Android development, green technologies, and ethical hacking, along with subjects like discrete mathematics and graph theory for UG classes.
poojakushwaha_cs@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc Computer ScienceIOT Practicals using Raspberry Pi, App development using Android studiohttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1yaN2BkqqRcCwLGN6YS44QUyZM8tzYBBK/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=110072415985352350657&rtpof=true&sd=true
84Shanu JaiswalAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc7/1/2022ManagementPermanentFemale
85Staff PhotoShivani Chandri Chand DeopaAssistant ProfessorCOMPUTER SCIENCEMSc6/13/2023ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department. She has joined the college in the year 2023 and has been teaching UG courses. She has completed her MSc Computer Science in 2018. She teaches Programming Languages such as C++, Core Java, Advance Java and Web Programming along with subjects such as Linux, Information and Network Technologies. shivanideopa@rjcollege.edu.inMSC in Computer ScienceProgramming Languages such as C++, Core Java, Advance Java and Web Programming https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cXAUtJC1Do8lmL8i4MEt0BL0vqfY9A_v/view?usp=drive_link
86Selvi NadarAssistant ProfessorBMSM.Phil, MBA6/1/2007ManagementPermanentFemale
87Staff PhotoPratibha KhedekarAssistant ProfessorBMSMMS7/16/2018ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor. she joined in the year 2018 and has been teaching UG course. Has vast Experience both in academic & Corporate. Earlier was associated with TISS NUSSD as a Program Head. She has also worked with E trade Financial Services In London and ICICI bank. Major area of teaching is Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. pratibha.khedekar@rjc.edu.inBcom, MMS ( Finance) Finance, Marketing & HRhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/0B8Anl8XfYAbNTFJORHN6Ym0zUURHcXhPaUxVdXRFeUpUN0VJ/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=116370186092950713629&resourcekey=0-gAAmvrT5m_x0GO7G8ITNfQ&rtpof=true&sd=true
88Staff PhotoAkash GuptaAssistant ProfessorBMSMCom11/11/2019ManagementPermanentMaleHe is a young, dynamic and passionate academician as well as a researcher. He has been associated with the college since 2019. He is also teaching and guiding UG and PG students for their research project work which is part of their curriculum. He has presented and participated in several research conferences with publication of several research papers available on research websites like ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Academia etc. He has a friendly personality and likes to interact with others. His curiosity towards research and academics motivates the students to be a positive change among them.
He is a Member of Alumni Committee and Safai Bank.
aakashg@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://sites.google.com/view/aakashgrjc/homeM.Com, JRF, NET, MH-SET, PGDHE, CMA InterAccounting, Taxation, Finance and Marketing https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vPrVEEksINNJN1ke-74lS-jw5wYMxbNARpIxThjUcgM/edit?usp=drivesdk
89Dr. Sucheta GolwalkarAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D6/15/2003ManagementPermanentFemale
90Dr. Tania KaripelAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D11/14/2005ManagementPermanentFemale
91Dr. Rachana AcharyaAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D6/1/2007ManagementPermanentFemale
92Saleha KhanAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYMSc B.Ed7/22/2013ManagementPermanentFemaleNET
93Dr. Smita JadhavAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D6/5/2017ManagementPermanentFemale
94Ms Naushaba Muhammed Shaid QureshiAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYM.Sc12/1/2021ManagementTemporaryFemale
95Mr. Marc Agnelo MartinAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYM.Sc12/1/2021ManagementTemporaryMale
96Rituja MahantyAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYM.Sc12/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
97Victoriya ManoranjithamAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYM.Sc7/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemale
98Shriya YadavAssistant ProfessorBIOTECHNOLOGYM.Sc8/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemale
99Staff PhotoArchana BhideAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Sc7/9/2007ManagementPermanentFemale She is Assistant Professor and In charge of UG program, Department of Information Technology. She has completed her Masters degree in Physics – Electronics I in 1999 and is a Microsoft Certified Programmer. She is teaching for last 22 + years now and is a part of R J family since July 2007.
Archana has been a resource person for UGC and RUSA for last 20 years in different refresher courses and orientation programs. The subjects of her expertise are Internet of things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Robotics.
archanabhide@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. ; Diploma in Software Engineering; MCP (Microsoft Certified Programmer)CSI (Computer Society of India)Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, Internet of Things, Networking, Database Management System, Robotics, Virtual & Augmented Realityhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1G1MZtWiIBZkiC232beD-fzNC8UkAj8Br/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=111943797765274080197&rtpof=true&sd=true
100Staff PhotoBharati BholeAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA9/7/2007ManagementPermanentFemale She is an Assistant Professor and PG In-charge in IT Department. She joined in the year 2007 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for the past 23+ yrs. She completed her Master of Computer Applications in 1996. She teaches topics like programming using various languages,
Advanced Database Systems, Business Intelligence, Virtualization, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, MongoDB and Big Data Tools for UG and PG classes.
bharatibhole@rjcollege.edu.in MCA Database Systems, Data Science, Business Intelligencehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/13jXrFqrlyxkFsKfb2nQ8iMiHfX3-rWUC/view?usp=sharing
101Staff PhotoJeba RoseletAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Phil, MCA 7/5/2011ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology. She has received her Masters in Philosophy degree in Computer Science in the year 2007, and joined as faculty in the year 2011 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 15 years. Her Subjects of interest are Cloud Computing, Blockchain Technology and Information Security. She is the member of DLLE committee.jebaroslet@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jeba-roselet-3457a999M.Phil (Computer Science)-Cloud Computing , Blockchain Technologyhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/17rd9PzY-SkFUjpT_lyfjVVRs-tdOBhPD/view?usp=sharing
102Staff PhotoPrachi SurveAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA7/7/2014ManagementPermanentFemaleDedicated professional with over 14+ years of experience in the field of Information
Technology. A passionate educator specializing in a wide array of programming languages, cloud computing, and software development at UG and PG level. Delivering quality
education by fostering a dynamic learning environment where students can actively
engage with the material, apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, and
develop the critical thinking skills necessary for success in the ever-evolving
field of Information Technology and Computer science.
prachisurve_it@rjcollege.edu.inMCAPart time Coordinator for IDOL, M.Sc Computer Science from Nov2022 - till dateFoundation of programming, AWS cloud solution architecture . Discrete mathematics, GIShttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1EP64GtjKVJcVSIiCmGxDFHPFPJpB26qB/view?usp=sharing
103Staff PhotoPunam SindhuAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA7/19/2016ManagementPermanentFemaleShe joined the Department of Information Technology, R. J. College in July, 2016 as an Asst. Professor. She has been teaching UG and PG courses for the past 8 yrs. She has also worked into IT industry as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for 3.5 Years. She completed her Masters in Computers Application (MCA) in the year 2005. Her areas of expertise are Project Management, Quality Assurance, Database Management Systems, Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques, AI and Image Processing. She is an active member of the Safai Bank committee and Human Value Cell of R.J. College. punamsindhu_it@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/punam-sindhu-87740722aM.C.A.NAProject Management, Database Systems, Statistical Techniques, Image Processinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1o_EFWhtmJ2On3s5Oj5h6dJ1w2jgFu265/view?usp=sharing
104Priyasha SawantAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYBE ECE7/1/2019ManagementPermanentFemale
105Staff PhotoAditi PrajapatiAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Sc12/2/2019ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology. She joined in the year 2019 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 4 yrs. She teaches programming topics like .NET, Java and Web Programming for UG classes and Virtualization, Microservices and Robotics Process Automation for PG course. aditispraj_it@rjcollege.edu.inM.Sc. I.T.Programming language - .NET, Java, HTML and CSS and Robotics Process Automationhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1yxGNhXAZnqwoZawGBJdNEL9tO9FNUECa/view?usp=sharing
106Anju RaiAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Sc1/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
107Staff PhotoRadhika KapoorAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Sc8/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor over 6 years of successful experience in teaching and
mentoring. She joined in the year 2022 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 6 yrs. She completed her Msc.IT in 2020 & PGDM in 2014. She teachers for subjects like Different Programming Languages (C, C++ Java, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Mobile Programming) as well Theory Subjects.
radhikakapoor@rjcollege.edu.inMsc.IT , PGDMProgramming Languages, Web Technologieshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1wU7keRqgWIYt5cx_YtaDLVjO5sQCzbiR/view?usp=drive_link
108Staff PhotoDr. Yugandhara MoreAssistant ProfessorINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMSc7/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology. She joined in the year 2023 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 12 yrs. She completed her Ph.D in 2021. She likes to teach programming subjects.yugandharamore@rjcollege.edu.inPh.D in Computer Science, Msc.ITPython Programming, Java Programminghttps://docs.google.com/document/d/117En7C5FHsLw9eMmjtJcdfaPZO8jxPX5/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=107152880495324853236&rtpof=true&sd=true
109Mujtaba ShaikhAssistant ProfessorDSAIM.Sc2/1/2022ManagementTemporaryMale
110Staff PhotoSujata KotianAssistant ProfessorDSAIM.Sc6/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor and Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence dept. She joined in the year 2023 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 08 yrs. She is persuading her Ph.D in Information Technology from University of Mumbai. She teaches topics like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing for PG classes and Introduction to Data Science, DBMS, Data Visualisation, Green Computing course for UG. She has published 8 Research Papers. Authored Data Structure, Core Java, Enterprise Java, E-Commerce, Project Management, Network Security, Data Structure Lab Manual. She is ISTQB Certified. She has given 6 Training Sessions for teachers and students at College and National Level.
sujatakotian@rjcollege.edu.insritsense.weebly.com, https://youtube.com/@MsSujata25?si=RSHCc9czIul6wlvYMSc IT, Persuading Ph.D in IT NAArtificial Intelligence, Data Science https://docs.google.com/file/d/1LkCBwNHQOlYGPIvjciCwdmMGYYPSM6QV/edit?usp=docslist_api&filetype=msword
111Darpana MoreAssistant ProfessorDSAIM.Sc7/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemale
112Rahul YadavAssistant ProfessorDSAIM.Sc7/1/2023ManagementTemporaryMale
113Staff PhotoNandini JagannarayanAssistant ProfessorBBIM.Phil, MS Applied Finance6/11/2007ManagementPermanentFemaleMrs Nandini Jagannarayan has 17 years of teaching experience and 4 years of corporate
experience in the field of foreign exchange dealing and investment management.
She holds to her credit M.Phil, M.Sc (Economics) from Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore and Ms (Applied finance), University of Western Sydney, Australia.
Her areas of Specialisation, include Investment Management, International Finance, Foreign
Exchange, Derivatives Markets.
She has conducted various workshops on Financial Literacy
and has been recognised for conducting Investor Awareness Porgram by Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI) and the Bombay Stock Exchange
She was recognized as “The Best Woman Trainer in Financial Literacy by Chennai based
Global Trainers, Coaches & Counsellors Organisation (GTCCO), On March 8, 2023.
She has published 12 books in the areas of International Finance,
Foreign Exchange, Financial market and Econometrics, since 2009.

She has published over 16 research papers, 2 of which are in Scopus indexed Journals and 8 in UGC Care Listed Journals
nandinijagannarayanbbi@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://www.google.com/search?q=nandini+jagannarayan&rlz=1C1CHBD_enIN885IN886&oq=nandini+jagan&aqs=chrome.0.0i512j69i57j69i61l2.11219j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8M.Phil, Ms (Applied Finance), M.sc (Economics)International Finance, Financial Marketshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1POhX_5uSFCohZZsHQVIyJ1F5_LGc0uHE/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111916284266248032121&rtpof=true&sd=true
114Staff PhotoPriya ShettyAssistant ProfessorBBIMCom6/5/2017ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Teacher in BBI. She joined in the year 2017 and has been teaching UG students of Banking & Insurance and B.Com. She is the member of DLLE.priyashetty@rjcollege.edu.inhttps://sites.google.com/rjcollege.edu.in/priyashettyM.Com &NETNANAhttps://sites.google.com/rjcollege.edu.in/priyashetty
115Staff PhotoMala GoplaniAssistant ProfessorBBIMCom6/5/2017ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor of BBI dept., joined in the year 2017 and has been teaching UG Management courses for past 10 years. She is pursuing her Ph.D. from RJ College under the guideship of Dr. Mangesh V. Panchal. Accounts, Financial Services Management, Financial Reporting Analysis, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management and Tax are her core subjects. She is the teacher representative in IQAC dept. of RJ College. malagoplanibbi@rjcollege.edu.inNET (COM), MMS (Finance), M. Com Accounts, Finance and Taxhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/10piCd5sCLSomLYocERXKmFjltd5xXuxK/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=109962828042066879876&rtpof=true&sd=true
116Staff PhotoJewel Sabhani (Soni Khemani)Assistant ProfessorBVocMCom12/1/2011ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an assistant Professor and Head of BVOC dept. She joined in the year 2011 and has been teaching UG and PG courses for past 12 yrs. She teachers for topics like accounts, international finance ,corporate finance anddirect taxation for UG classes and media finance for PG course. She is the representative teacher members of IQAC.jewelsabhani@rjcollege.edu.inMMS (finance) , M.com (accounting and finance) Accounts and finance https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bu7XLrkZ2eM6VbDo27WaLRCjtbrxXmrY/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=100386215915369849384&rtpof=true&sd=true
117Staff PhotoPooja BhardwajAssistant ProfessorBMMMCom12/1/2018ManagementPermanentFemaleA Dedicated, Focused, Qualified and Goal Driven Professional Educator with 15+ years’ global experience across learners of varied cultural and learning backgrounds imparting knowledge in various fields such as Commerce, Mass Media, and Management. Has developed the ability to use varied learning strategies, apply critical thinking to enable effective imparting of knowledge to the learners with a commitment to the academic, personal, and social development of every student.
A gold medalist from Panjab University, chose academics as a profession. Currently pursuing PhD from University of Mumbai in Commerce, Business Policy, and Administration.
Has conducted multiple Guest lectures for Indian Accounting Association and educational institutions at both under graduate and post graduate levels at pan India level.
She is a member of current Institution’s IQAC team, Exam Committee, and DLLE (Department of Lifelong learning and extension) Program and has been a part of cultural team. She has participated and presented papers in national and international conferences, with publications in ABDC and UGC Care listed journals.
She participated in 17th Aavishkar, An Inter-collegiate/institute Research Convention organized by The University of Mumbai and secured Silver Medal in the Commerce, Management Law category for PhD Level students. Further, represented the University of Mumbai at the State level Aavishkar Competition and reached the final round.
poojab@rjcollege.edu.in-MCom, NET(Commerce)-Marketing, Journalism and Commercehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1WbfXiH05VKXm2-PvfUISbvxnFiNhHAI1/view?usp=sharing
118Staff PhotoPrachi VankianiAssistant ProfessorBMMMMS6/18/2018ManagementPermanentFemaleHighly motivated and goal-driven educator with 5+ years of experience in coaching graduate and post-graduate level academics. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating an inclusive and supportive space that encourages students to excel not only academically but also personally and socially. In addition to my passion for teaching, I have established an exceptional track record of research success, evident through the publication of multiple articles in recognized journals. My academic journey has equipped me with a diverse skill set to cater to varied learning styles. My multifaceted experience extends beyond the classroom, where I actively engage in scholarly pursuits and collaborate with students to cultivate a culture of continuous learning. I believe in giving cent percent commitment to nurture every learner so as to enable them to achieve academic, personal & social development.
prachiv@rjcollege.edu.inPost graduate in MA EMA (Entertainment, Media & Advertising)Advertisinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1qUe3SVaJpw_cwU02mSsOH5dqrYdfbd--/view?usp=sharing
119Sheryl CusherAssistant ProfessorBAMMCPG Diploma in Advertising and PR7/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
120Staff PhotoDr. Prasadhini GautamAssistant ProfessorMAEMAPh.D7/15/2022ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor and Head of MAEMA dept. She started working from 2002 as part time teacher, joined the corporate world for a few years and then moved on to teaching UG and PG courses for past 15 yrs. She completed her Ph.D in 2020 . She is a TISS certified trainer for Effective communication & Preparing students for Jobs. Her areas of expertise in teaching are Effective communication, Principles of marketing & Management, Media Marketing Public Relation, Ad Design, Neuroscience, Research, Media Planning, Copywriting, Electronic Media and also guided students for Research papers for PG course. She is been the Chief Editor of various Inhouse magazine & news letter in the past. At present she is a member of Herald and photography Club.
She has authored 3 books which are available in amazon and published various research papers.
prasadhinigautam@rjcollege.edu.inNAB.C.A, MBA, Ph.D Photography ClubEffective communication, Principles of marketing & Management, Media Marketing Public Relation, Ad Design, Research, Media Planning, Copywriting, Electronic Media https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T2eNAgurnMOpByWjIoINXdBUK92yb7XS
121Staff PhotoRekha ShettyAssistant ProfessorBAFMCom12/1/2018ManagementPermanentFemaleShe is an Assistant Professor and Head of B.Com(Accounting & Finance) Department. She has teaching experience of over 10 years and an industry experience of 5 years. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Commerce from Mumbai University. She is also a member of Unfair means inquiry Commitee, IQAC subcommittee, College grievance redressal committee for students, Safai Bank committee member and Research Development Cell member.rekhashetty@rjcollege.edu.inwww.linkedin.com/in/rekha-shetty147NET, M.Com, MBAAccountancy & Financehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1htHb_V1tk2XW479COY1tytpvcx9DDdww/view?usp=sharing
122Staff PhotoNilesh GhadgeAssistant ProfessorBAFMCom6/13/2022ManagementTemporaryMaleIn the department of B.com (Accounting and Finance), I am an assistant professor. In 2022, I joined in the college and began teaching both undergraduate and post graduate courses. I passed the UGC-NET exam. I teach students in a variety of accounting courses, including cost accounting, financial management, auditing, and financial accounting. nileshghadge@rjcollege.edu.inNET-CommerceAccounts and Financehttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Apn7pfn26lNMuPH1eYDnNz0G-LCBNNfg/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=112581804625885267430&rtpof=true&sd=true
123Madhuri AgarwalAssistant ProfessorBAFMCom8/8/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
124Sushant ParmarAssistant ProfessorBAFMComManagementTemporaryMale
125Dr. Karishma RajbharAssistant ProfessorESDM BotanyPh.D2/1/2021ManagementPermanentFemale
126Gauri JoshiAssistant ProfessorESDM BotanyMSc7/1/2022ManagementTemporaryFemale
127Somnath KangralkarESDM BotanyMSc7/1/2021ManagementTemporaryMale
128Reeta SinghAssistant ProfessorCOMMERCEMCom9/1/2021ManagementTemporaryFemale
129Staff PhotoChinmay BapatAssistant ProfessorPSYCHOLOGYMA9/7/2021ManagementTemporaryMaleHe is an Assistant Professor (UGC-NET qualified) and In-charge of the Department of Psychology. He joined in the year 2021 right when the Department was established. He has taught in four different higher education institutes & has experience of teaching both UG & PG courses. His primary research interests are in Cognitive, Evolutionary, Moral, & Social Psychology. He is a member of our institute's Research Advisory Committee, Human Values Cell, and the tri-monthly magazine RJ Herald. chinmaybapat@rjcollege.edu.in / chinmay.s.bapat@gmail.comlinkedin.com/in/chinmay-s-bapat-3011-psychologyNET & M.A.Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methodology, Psychometrics
130Staff PhotoShephali ApteAssistant ProfessorPSYCHOLOGYMA6/13/2022ManagementTemporaryFemaleShe is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology. She joined in the year 2022 and has been teaching UG courses for past 2 years. She teaches topics like Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Psychology, etc. for UG classes.shephaliapte@rjcollege.edu.inwww.linkedin.com/in/shephali-apte-8a4a26197M.A.N.A.Counseling Psychology
131Rutuja KhopkarAssistant ProfessorPSYCHOLOGYMA7/1/2023ManagementTemporaryFemale
132Ms. Poorva VashisthaAssistant ProfessorENGLISHMA8/17/2022ManagementTemporary
133Yashita Sunil Rajkotia12/7/2023
134Mr. Jagdish Balkrishna Hande11/1/2023
135Jagruti Shankar Suroshe9/1/2023
136Roshan Kishanchand Nainani 9/8/2023
137Sharmila Vinodkumar Rao9/11/2023
138Jagruti Dube12/1/2023
139Sumit Shivaputrappa Kati7/1/2023
140Atisha Sumit Kati7/1/2023
141Shailesh Sharad Kamble7/1/2023
142Ankita Navsaji Parab7/1/2023
143Sahil Jayesh Patil7/1/2023
144Aakash Binjwe11/1/2023
145Komal Vishal Pawar11/1/2023
146Kalpesh Girdharbhai Kheradia10/1/2023
147Yogendra Vishnu Bhangley11/1/2023
148Surbhit Manocha10/1/2023
149Harpreet Kaur Kamal Singh Banwait11/1/2023
150Khushi Mahesh Kothari11/1/2023
151Donald Cyril Dsouza11/1/2023
152Surabhi Vidyadhar Sawant1/4/2023
153Priti Ramesh Chandra Shukla8/2/2023

Aided Grant-in Aid Staff List

Name of the StaffDesignation Date of AppointmentDepartment Qualification
Dr Himanshu G DawdaPRINCIPAL7/3/1989BOTANYPh.D
Dr Anil AvhadAssociate Professor8/30/2001BOTANYPh.D
Major Pravin G NayakAssociate Professor7/1/1998BOTANYMSc
Dr Veena KelkarAssistant Professor1/12/2008BOTANYPh.D
Dr Dan Bahadur SinghAssistant Professor12/7/2009BOTANYPh.D
Ms Sanika GupteAssociate Professor11/11/2002ZOOLOGYMSc
Dr Bindu AcharyAssistant Professor9/1/2006ZOOLOGYPh.D
Dr Janhavi BhagwatAssistant Professor7/26/2008ZOOLOGYPh.D
Dr Geeta JoshiAssistant Professor6/30/2009ZOOLOGYPh.D
Mr Deepak PoojaryAssistant Professor7/17/2010ZOOLOGYMSc
Ms Sushma SinghAssistant Professor8/2/2010ZOOLOGYMSc
Mr Bhagirath MishraAssistant Professor9/16/2016ZOOLOGYMSc
Dr Devraj PawarAssociate Professor9/2/2004PHYSICSPh.D
Dr Kiran KolwankarAssociate Professor9/1/2006PHYSICSPh.D
Mr Sandeep HingeAssistant Professor12/1/2008PHYSICSMSc
Dr Vaishali RaikwarAssistant Professor11/19/2012PHYSICSPh.D
Dr Ashishkumar YadavAssistant Professor10/1/2016PHYSICSPh.D
Dr R S DubeyAssociate Professor1/2/1998CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Vaishnavi SridharAssociate Professor8/30/2001CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr A D SawantAssociate Professor8/30/2001CHEMISTRYPh.D
Mr M D MedhiAssociate Professor8/30/2000CHEMISTRYMSc
Dr Deepali PimpleAssociate Professor7/2/1993CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Manisha BhattacharyaAssociate Professor9/1/2006CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Jitendra GiraseAssistant Professor12/11/2008CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Pratap KambleAssistant Professor1/2/2008CHEMISTRYPh.D
Mr Prabijna BabuAssistant Professor7/29/2010CHEMISTRYMSc
Dr Asawari MokalAssistant Professor3/16/2009CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Amol KadamAssistant Professor8/2/2010CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Sandesh DivekarAssistant Professor9/20/2011CHEMISTRYPh.D
Dr Palak (Neelam) ChawlaAssistant Professor9/18/2014CHEMISTRYPh.D
Ms C S PingeAssociate Professor9/7/1991STATISTICSMSc
Mr. Rahul TiwariAssistant Professor9/16/2016STATISTICSMSc
Mr Indra Singh SaudAssociate Professor7/1/1997MATHEMATICSMSc
Dr Sanket TikareAssistant Professor11/11/2014MATHEMATICSPh.D
Mr Ajay ShuklaAssistant Professor8/12/2015MATHEMATICSMSc
Dr Saraswathy MoorthyAssociate Professor7/1/1995ACCOUNTANCYPh.D
Mr Jeetendra JhaAssistant Professor7/11/1994ACCOUNTANCYMcom
Dr Mangesh PanchalAssistant Professor9/18/2014ACCOUNTANCYPh.D
Dr Subodh BarveAssistant Professor8/6/2008COMMERCEPh.D
Dr Laxmi PodoliAssistant Professor11/19/2012BUSINESS LAWPh.D
Dr Neeta ChakravartyAssociate Professor9/1/2001ENGLISHPh.D
Ms Sharmila JajodiaAssociate Professor9/2/2004ENGLISHMA
Dr. Maria ShaikhAssistant Professor1/2/2008ENGLISHPh.D
Dr Amit ValmikiAssociate Professor7/1/1987PHILOSOPHYPh.D
Dr Rina PuradkarAssociate Professor9/1/2006PHILOSOPHYPh.D
Dr S A MishraAssociate Professor6/26/1989SOCIOLOGYPh.D
Dr Baishakhi DuttaAssociate Professor7/1/1992GEOGRAPHYPh.D
Dr Sneha Mahesh DeuskarAssociate Professor9/1/1995MARATHIPh.D
Dr Neelambari KulkarniAssociate Professor9/2/2004MARATHIPh.D
Dr Bhushan ArekarAssociate Professor10/9/2005POLITICAL SCIENCEPh.D
Mr Steven LoboAssistant Professor9/1/2007POLITICAL SCIENCEMA
Dr Meher MistryAssistant Professor9/1/2006HISTORYPh.D
Ms Snehal NagtilakAssistant Professor8/13/2015HISTORYMA
Dr Mithilesh SharmaAssociate Professor7/26/2008HINDIPh.D
Dr Sucheta JoshiAssociate Professor6/9/1999ECONOMICSPh.D
Ms Pranali KarnikAssistant Professor11/3/2014ECONOMICSMA
Ms Devashree GhorpadeAssistant Professor8/17/2015ECONOMICSMA
Mr. Prafulladutta (Surplus Teacher from other college)Assistant Professor6/20/1994PHYSICSMSc
Dr. Shubhangi VedakAssociate Professor Librarian8/31/1999LIBRARYPh.D

Self-financing and Contractual Staff List

Name of the StaffDesignation Date of AppointmentDepartment Qualification
Ms Anita GaikwadAssistant Professor7/4/2011COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Vaidehi DeshpandeAssistant Professor6/1/2009COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Tejaswee PolAssistant Professor7/5/2011COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Vinita SinghAssistant Professor7/6/2011COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Priyanka NimseAssistant Professor7/16/2012COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Nilam PatadeAssistant Professor7/4/2016COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Saba ShaikhAssistant Professor8/1/2018COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Pooja KushwahaAssistant Professor7/1/2019COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Shanu Jayant JaiswalAssistant Professor7/1/2022COMPUTER SCIENCEMSc
Ms Selvi NadarAssistant Professor6/1/2007BMSM.Phil, MBA
Ms Pratibha KhedekarAssistant Professor7/16/2018BMSMMS
Mr Akash GuptaAssistant Professor11/11/2019BMSMCom
Dr Sucheta GolwalkarAssistant Professor6/15/2003BIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D
Dr Tania MosesAssistant Professor11/14/2005BIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D
Dr Rachana AcharyaAssistant Professor6/1/2007BIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D
Ms Saleha KhanAssistant Professor7/22/2013BIOTECHNOLOGYMSc B.Ed
Dr Smita JadhavAssistant Professor6/5/2017BIOTECHNOLOGYPh.D
Ms Naushaba Muhammed Shaid QureshiAssistant Professor12/1/2021BIOTECHNOLOGYMSc
Mr. Marc Agnelo MartinAssistant Professor12/1/2021BIOTECHNOLOGYMSc
Ms Archana BhideAssistant Professor7/9/2007INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMSc
Ms Bharati BholeAssistant Professor9/7/2007INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA
Ms Jeba RoseletAssistant Professor7/5/2011INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYM.Phil, MCA
Ms Prachi SurveAssistant Professor7/7/2014INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA
Ms Punam SindhuAssistant Professor7/19/2016INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMCA
Ms Priyasha SawantAssistant Professor7/1/2019INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYBE ECE
Ms Aditi PrajapatiAssistant Professor12/2/2019INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMSc
Ms. Anju Amit RaiAssistant Professor1/1/2022INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMSc
Ms. Radhika KapoorAssistant Professor8/1/2022INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYMSc
Mr. Mujtaba ShaikhAssistant Professor2/1/2022DSAIMSc
Ms Nandini JagannarayanAssistant Professor6/11/2007BBIM.Phil, MS Applied Finance
Ms Priya ShettyAssistant Professor6/5/2017BBIMCom
Ms Mala GoplaniAssistant Professor6/5/2017BBIMCom
Ms Jewel Sabhani (Soni Khemani)Assistant Professor12/1/2011BVocMCom
Ms Pooja BhardwajAssistant Professor12/1/2018BMMMCom
Ms Prachi VankianiAssistant Professor6/18/2018BMMMMS
Dr. Prasadhini GautamAssistant Professor7/15/2022MAEMAPh.D
Ms. Sheryl CusherAssistant Professor7/1/2022BAMMCPG Diploma in Advertising and PR
Ms Rekha ShettyAssistant Professor12/1/2018BAFMCom
Mr. Nilesh GhadgeAssistant Professor6/13/2022BAFMCom
Dr. Karishma D RajbharAssistant Professor2/1/2021ESDM BotanyPh.D
Ms. Madhuri AgarwalAssistant Professor8/8/2022BAFMCom
Mr Singh Jayshankar HAssistant Professor7/1/2017STATISTICSMSc
Mr Jagdish Balkrishna HandeAssistant Professor12/5/2017PHYSICSMSc
Ms Rani Firoz ShaikhAssistant Professor5/12/2017PHYSICSMSc
Mr. Gupta Ashokkumar KAssistant Professor7/2/2018HINDIMA
Ms. Ruchira Vijay JavkarAssistant Professor1/7/2018BOTANYMSc
Ms. Aishwarya Deepak ParabAssistant Professor6/17/2019BOTANYMsc
Ms Namarata H JaiswalAssistant Professor11/11/2019BOTANYMsc
Mr Nilesh G RanadeAssistant Professor1/2/2021CHEMISTRYMSc
Ms. Sangita KrishnanAssistant Professor8/20/2022CHEMISTRYMSc
Ms. Reeta SinghAssistant Professor9/1/2021COMMERCEMCom
Mr. Chinmay BapatAssistant Professor9/7/2021PSYCHOLOGYMA
Ms. Shephali ApteAssistant Professor6/13/2022PSYCHOLOGYMA
Ms. Divyaratnam DwivediAssistant Professor11/23/2021ZOOLOGYMSc
Mr. Suraj Amrej SinghAssistant Professor11/1/2021STATISTICSMSc
Mr. Mohd. Wasif HusainAssistant Professor12/1/2021MATHEMATICSMSc
Ms. Poorva VashisthaAssistant Professor8/17/2022ENGLISHMA
Ms. Chhaya JagtapAssistant Professor12/1/2021CHEMISTRYMSc
Ms. Dulari Mahendranath YadavAssistant Professor12/1/2021CHEMISTRYMSc
Ms. Namrata SinghAssistant Professor12/1/2021CHEMISTRYMSc
Ms. Gauri JoshiAssistant Professor7/1/2022ESDM BotanyMSc
Ms. Jagruti DubeyAssistant Professor10/1/2022MATHEMATICSMSc

Public Disclosure Year-wise

Sanction letters and List indicating number of posts sanctioned by the competent authority