Botany and Biotechnology Research Centre


The Department of Botany is one of the departments which was established the same year as the college in June1963. In 1972 the research centre was recognised to register students for M Sc by research and Ph D. In absence of a University Department the Botany department of Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college played a major role in the development of the subject.  It being one of the pioneering centre, it attracted research scholars from various colleges. This created a research culture in the department which continues till date.

Dr S M Karmarkar ( 1963-1991) former Principal Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college ( 1983-1991) , Head Department of Botany ( 1963-1991),  Chairman Board of studies in Botany, Dean faculty of Science  , member Academic Council now known as University of Mumbai did his Ph. D. under the able guidance of Dr G V Joshi who was in Wilson college worked on Crassulacean acid metabolism was the first research guide of Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college and started the research centre in 1972 with recognition to enroll student for M Sc by research and Ph D degrees. He guided more than 30 students for their Ph D degree. Late Dr D V Amonkar in his short span of guideship successfully completed four students. There area of interest were Ecophysiological studies in halophytes

Dr R H Shete recognised as a research guide in the subject of Botany successfully  guided 25 students for their Ph D degree. His area of interest was plant anatomy and Palaeobotany

Dr Usha Mukundan former Principal Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college (2004-2020) , Head department of Botany ( 2001-2020), former Chairman BOS Botany , member faculty of Science, member Academic council University of Mumbai, former chairman BOS, Academic council chairman (2018-2020) Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college (Autonomous) has guided 35 students during the period of 1991- till date. During her tenure the research centre could mobilise funds to the tune of 1.25 crores via funding received from major research projects sponsored by UGC, CSIR, ICMR, DBT, industries like Johnson & Johnson, Bharat Serum, Ganesh Medicaments, Hindustan Unilever and  MARICO. Her areas of interest are transformed root cultures for secondary metabolite production, production of proteins like peroxidases, conservation of medicinally important plants, chemical profiling of medicinal plants using HPTLC, waste water treatment using root culture/plants/ enzymes, natural saponins and their applications. As the Director of the Hindi Vidya Prachar Samiti she continues to contribute to the academic development of the institute and is actively involved in research.

Dr Himanshu G  Dawda Principal of Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala college and Head department of Botany has six students registered under him working on phytochemicals, Ecophysiology of Mangroves. He has successfully guided two students for their Ph D degree.

Dr Anil Avhad has two students registered under his guidance and is interested in Phytochemistry and Ecophysiology

The research centre has a  mentored students who are in leading position in academia and corporate world.

Terrace garden for hardening of tissue cultured plants and experimental area for hydro and aquaponics.


Plant tissue culture with collection of in vitro medicinal plants. Plant tissue culture laboratory with controlled environment , laminar air flows, shakers, set up for plant bioreactors, preparation and analytical area with  milli Q water filtration unit, precision balances, Spectrophotometers, LEICA microscope with imaging facility, pH meters, magnetic stirrers, electrophoresis units, power packs, chemical storage unit, microwave, extraction units, refrigerator,  Deep fridge for storing cultures.

Heating panels like autoclaves, incubators, ovens, washing and drying facilities for glasswares.

Departmental library for research students with books, journals and research papers from back volumes and e resources

Consultancy: Our research team provides consultancy in following areas

  1. Standardization of protocol for Mass propagation of plant using plant tissue culture
  2. Electrophoresis for protein profiling of plant material
  3. Soil  and water testing
  4. Identification of flowering plants, fungi, algae etc.
  5. Biotransformation
  6. Standardization of protocol for treatment of industrial effluents using microbes/plants
  7. Standardization of tissue culture medium components in comparison to available components

The policy for consultancy are available on college website and we also abide by the confidential non disclosure agreement with the organization which provides us project work under consultancy

Research Guide

Dr. Himanshu Dawda (Botany & Biotechnology)

Dr. Anil Avhad (Botany)

Dr. Sucheta Golwlkar (Biotechnology-M.Sc By Research)

Research Students (Botany)

Sr. NoName of the Research ScholarAdmission StatusMonth and Year of registration of the scholarPhD Scholar's Title of the Thesis Name of the Research Guide
1Aishwarya Dipak Parab Registered82-22/01/2020Phytochemical and Pharmacological studies on Corn Silk (Stigma maydis)Dr Himanshu G Dawda
2Ashish LadRegistered23-22/11/2007Hypolipidemic or Antihyperlipidemic effects of selected vegetables.Dr Himanshu G Dawda
3Pravin NayakRegistered49-06/02/2014Dynamic of Mangrove EcosystemsDr Himanshu G Dawda
4Satya Jodha KaushikRegistered24-22/11/2007Eco-Restoration of Mangroves of Mithi RiverDr Himanshu G Dawda
5Nidhi Pathak Registered78-28/09/2018Studies on Ursolic acid as a biochemical marker in order Myrtales Dr Anil Avhad
6Ruchira JavkarRegistered77-26/09/2018Portulacaria afra as a model system for studying stress induced metabolismDr Anil Avhad
7Namrata JaiswalRegistered91/28-02-2022Pharmacognostic studies of Eclipta alba and Wedelia trilobataDr Anil Avhad
8Gudulkar SusmitaRegistered90-12/02/2022Studies on Pithecellobiun dulce (Roxb.) Benth as a source of natural surfactantDr Himanshu G Dawda

Research Students (Biotechnology)

Sr. NoName of the Research ScholarAdmission StatusMonth and Year of registration of the scholarPhD Scholar's Title of the Thesis Name of the Research Guide
1Gurav RuchiraRegistered100/17-10-2022The production of plantlets from tissue cultures of Brassica oleracea var gemmifera and Brassica rapa subspecies pekinensis; Identification of phytochemical marker for clonal selection.Dr. Himanshu Dawda