1.3.2 – Number of value-added courses for imparting transferable and life skills offered during the year (2022-23)

Brochure or any other document relating to value-added courses

Data Template

Name of the value-added courses (with 30 or more contact hours) offered Course Code, if anyNo. of times offered during the yearDuration of course (in hours)Number of students enrolled during the year1.3.3 Number of students who completed the course during the yearLINK BROUCHER & COURSE DETAILS
Mushroom CultivationRJBOTC02130 Hours3131Broucher
IPRRJBOTC08130 Hours2525Broucher
Brewing of WineRJBOTC13130 Hours66Broucher
Flower arrangementRJBOTC01130 Hours16889Broucher
Entrepreneurship Development Program RJBMSC03130 Hours47050Broucher
Sales and Marketing RJBMSC04130 Hours235146Broucher
Computer Literacy - I & II (FYBSC)RJSUSEC101 & RJSUSEC201130 Hours424424Broucher
Computer Literacy - I & II (FYBA, FYBAMMC)RJAUSEC101 & RJAUSEC201130 Hours476476Broucher
Computer Literacy - I & II (FYBCOM, FYBAF)RJCUSEC101 & RJCUSEC201130 Hours538538Broucher
Practical of Soft Skills Development (FYBSC CS)
Practical of Green Technologies (FYBSC CS)
RJSUSEC101 & RJSUSEC201130 Hours111111Broucher
Professional Ethics and Human Values (FYBSC IT)
Minor Project (FYBSC IT)
RJSUSEC101 & RJSUSEC201130 Hours121121Broucher
Communication Skill Enhancement (FYBT)
Good Laboratory Practices (FYBT)
RJSUSEC101 & RJSUSEC201130 Hours7474Broucher
Commercial Banking I & II (FYBBI)RJCUSEC101 & RJCUSEC201130 Hours6464Broucher
English Proficiency Skills - I & II (FYBMS)RJCUSEC101 & RJCUSEC201130 Hours144144Broucher
Data Analysis Using PythonRJSTATC03130 Hours2625Broucher
Understanding Human Rights (TYBA)RJPOLC01130 Hours1414Broucher
Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques (TYBA)RJECOC01130 Hours4040Broucher
TallyRJCUBAFC02130 Hours4444Broucher
Microsoft Power BI - Data VisualisationRJCUBAFC03130 Hours2828Broucher
Internet of ThingsRJITC08130 Hours7544Broucher
Artificial IntelligenceRJITC04130 Hours24663Broucher
English & Aptitude I & IIRJBBIC04 & RJBBIC05240 Hours6464Broucher
Quantitative & Aptitude I & IIRJBBIC06 & RJBBIC07240 Hours6767Broucher
Reasoning & Aptitude I & IIRJBBIC08 & RJBBIC09240 Hours6565Broucher
Financial Lab (BVoc)RJBVOCC04130 Hours5656Broucher
Fermented Foods and BeveragesRJBTC03130 Hours11463Broucher
Yoga as Art of LivingPJPHIC01130 Hours76Broucher
Introduction to LaTex (Maths)RJMATC03130 Hours249Broucher
Business Analysis and Media ResearchRJAEMAPG01130 Hours1414Broucher
Events Planning and ManagementRJAUBMMC03130 Hours6850Broucher
Spoken Skills in EnglishRJENGC02130 Hours3030Broucher
Translation (Hindi to English and Vice-Versa)RJHINC02160 Hours2323Broucher
Department of Physics organised Value Added Course in Basics of Electronics, Astrophysics, Phyphox and GNUPlotRJPHYC02130 Hours6060Broucher
Department of Physics organised Value Added Course in Modeling and SimulationRJPHYC03130 Hours3019Broucher
Environmental ScienceRJCHEMC04130 Hours239239Broucher
Approach to Holistic HealthRJZOOC03130 Hours7878Broucher
Cultural Heritage of IndiaRJHISC06130 Hours1818Broucher
Emerging Technologies in Computer ScienceRJCSC03130 Hours272101Broucher
PG Diploma in Clinical Studies, Data Management and Medical Writing RJSPGDCSDMMW1120 Hours97 will complete in Aug 202351 enrolled in 2021-2022 completed Broucher
PG Diploma in Regulatory AffairsRJSPGDRA1120 Hours43 will complete in Aug 202332 enrolled in 2021-2022 completed Broucher
PG Diploma in Dietitics and Applied NutritionRJSPGDDAN1120 Hours44 will complete in Aug 202331 enrolled in 2021-2022 completed Broucher
PG Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape GardeningRJSPGDHLG1120 Hours40 will complete in Aug 202330 enrolled in 2021-2022 completed Broucher