1.2.2 – Number of Programmes offered through Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective Course System (2022-23)

Minutes of relevant Academic Council/BOS meeting

Programme Code Programme Name Year of implemetation of CBCS / Elective Course SystemIf revision has been carried out in the syllabus during the year, percentage of content added or replacedLink to BOS Mintes of Meeting showing revision of Syllabus
RJAUECOBA Economics2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUENGBA English2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUHINBA Hindi2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUHISBA History2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUMARBA Marathi2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUPHILOBA Philosophy2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUPOLSCIBA Political Science2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUSOCIOBA Sociology2011SYBA 100%Link
RJAUPSYBA Psychology2021SYBA 100%Link
RJCUCOMBcom Commerce2011SYBA 100%Link
RJCUBAFBcom Accounting & Finance2019SYBA 100%Link
RJAUBAMMCBA Multimedia and Mass Communication2016SYBA 100%Link
RJCUBBIB. Com Banking & Insurance2011SYBA 100%Link
RJCUBMSBMS Management Studies2011SYBA 100%Link
RJSUBOTBSc Botany2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUCHEMBSc Chemistry2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUMATHBSc Mathematics2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUPHYBSc Physics2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUSTATBSc Statistics2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUZOOBSc Zoology2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUBTBSc Biotechnology2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUCSBSc Computer Science2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSUITBSc Information Technology2011SYBSc 100%Link
RJSPGSTATMSc Statistics2021MSc Part II 100%Link
RJSPZOOMSc Zoology2011MSc Part I (Animal Physiology) 60%Link


Additional Information

Implementation of CBCS and list of Elective courses
Minutes of Meeting of Academic Council/BOS
Letter of Affiliation of Program to University of Mumbai