Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL(WDC)

R J College Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

At R J College, we prioritize the safety, dignity, and respect of every member of our college community. Our commitment to fostering a campus free from gender-based discrimination, harassment, and misconduct is steadfast. In compliance with the directives of the National Commission for Women and the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 13th August 1997, in the case of Visakha and others vs. State of Rajasthan and Others, we have proactively established the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC).

Our Commitment to Safety and Respect

The ICC at R J College operates as a critical component of our commitment to creating a secure and inclusive environment. Comprising a diverse mix of faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives, the committee is dedicated to upholding the principles set forth in the Visakha case guidelines.

Confidential and Impartial Resolution

Our ICC serves as a confidential and impartial forum where individuals can voice their concerns related to gender-based discrimination and seek resolution. Upholding the principles of natural justice, the committee ensures fair and just inquiry processes while prioritizing the safety and confidentiality of complainants.

Preventive Measures and Awareness Initiatives
Beyond addressing complaints, the ICC actively engages in preventive measures, including awareness campaigns, workshops, and training sessions. These initiatives aim to educate our college community about their rights and responsibilities and promote a shared understanding of respectful and inclusive behavior.

Responsive Action to Student Suggestions
R J College takes student suggestions seriously and has a track record of responsive action. Past initiatives include skits, meetings with local law enforcement, peace marches, and collaboration with authorities to enhance security measures. The college has displayed a strong stance against harassment with banners and vigilance squads.

Comprehensive Complaint Management System
Our college is equipped with a comprehensive complaint management system. It includes an anti-ragging cell, Women Development Cell (WDC), a suggestion/complaint box, and an open-door policy by college authorities. We take prompt and effective actions, involving counseling and, if necessary, engaging parents and concerned teachers.

Special Facilities for Female Staff and Students
To ensure the well-being of our female staff and students, R J College provides round-the-clock security, well-maintained facilities, CCTV surveillance, medical support, and special coaching for various sports. We believe in creating an environment that fosters overall development and personality growth.

Equal Opportunities for All
Our college is committed to providing equal opportunities for both male and female students. The student council, associations, and various initiatives focus on inclusivity, participation, and the overall well-being of every member of our college community.
At R J College, the ICC stands as a testament to our dedication to justice, equality, and the well-being of every individual. Together, we contribute to the creation of a positive and enriching educational experience for all.

Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per UGC Guidelines

Vice Principal In-Charge: Dr. Sneha Deuskar

Sr No. Name Designation Contact No Email ID
1 Dr. Baishakhi Dutta Presiding Officer 022 25151763
2 Dr. Deepali Pimple Member Secretary 23 25151763
3 Mr. Jitendra Jha Member 24 25151763
4 Dr. Subodh Barve Member 25 25151763
5 Ms. Sujata Petkar Member 26 25151763
6 Ms. Sonali Patankar NGO
7 Dr. Madhura Kalamkar I/C Principal HVPS College of Law 28 25151763

Constitution of Women Development Cell (WDC)

Vice Principal In-Charge: Dr. Sneha Deuskar

Sr No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Baishakhi Dutta Chairperson
2 Dr. Manisha Bhattacharya Member Secretary
3 Dr. Rina Puradkar Member Secretary
4 Dr. Subodh Barve Member
5 Dr. Sanket Tikare Member
6 Ms. Devashree Ghorpade Member
7 Ms. Sujata Petkar Office Superintendent
8 Ms. Sonali Patankar NGO
9 Ms. Shama Sawant Counselor
10 Ms. Hasina Khan Student Representative
11 Ms. Sanika Kotawale Student Representative
12 Mr. Sushant Dere Student Representative
13 Ms. Naiz Khan Student Representative

Facilities offered by college


College has mentorship program at departmental level which have different name for eg Chemistry department has named it “Maitra”, Botany department has named this scheme as “Sunflower”, Zoology as “PAVO” etc.  In this 5 to 10 students are under a teacher who is their mentor. Students freely discuss their educational, emotional problems with the mentor. Mentor approaches the parents if needed. Regular parents meeting are conducted department wise and if a student is irregular the root cause of the problem is deciphered. When our team of girl students go outstation for participating in games they are accompanied by female teachers. Similarly in all Industrial visits, excursions, study tours, female teachers accompany the students and take care of them very affectionately. 


Our College has an excellent counselor who has experience of working with street children and adolescents. They also approach her for discussing their problems and if there are serious issues she informs the head of the institution and parents for referring the patient to a clinical Psychologist. Students are counselled on stress and anger management.

The formally constituted Vigilance squad of the college takes frequent supervisory rounds of the college to ensure safety of girls. The Security personnel and watchman also ensure that students are safe in the premises. College has CCTV at the enterance, canteen, labs and all floors. Video survelliance acts as a deterrent to any untoward incidents.


The girls’ common room is near the college office and is a place for girl students to relax.  It is well ventilated, has washrooms, dressing mirrors, news papers and notice boards. All important notices related to academics, co- and extracurricular activities, association activities and examinations are displayed here for convenience of girl students so that they don’t have to visit overcrowded general notice boards. A separate suggestion box is kept in girls’ common room.   There are three female attendants who ensure safety of girls and also maintain cleanliness in the girls’ common room.