Abhishek Santosh Shelke

Associate Subject Matter Expert (Anatomy and Physiology),, Bartleby Private Limited, Bangalore,

Zoology Alumni

For the profession of SME, it is required for the candidate to have only the best of the knowledge in his/her own field and the process is even a herculean task. I took admission in RJ college for PG for the subject of Animal Physiology in 2019-20 and cleared masters in  2020-21, because I came with a purpose to do something valuable in the field. I’m glad that my 2 years of journey was really helpful in building a strong foundation for my career which landed me in edutech giant like Bartleby. I’m thankful for the experience, love, support and appreciation given by each and every professor from my class. I wouldn’t have been at this position in my life without the efforts of you all. Thank you very much!

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