As per University of Mumbai Circular No. Exam/Thesis Univ/VCD947 of 2018, minimum standards and procedures for the award of M.Phil and Ph.D. Degrees is communicated

  1. PhD course work shall be of 12 credits
  2. The course work will be treated as prerequisite for PhD.
  3. A minimum of 6 credits, which will include 2 credits of Research ethics.
  4. Remaining 6 credits will be assigned by the Research centre based on the topic allotted to research student.
  5. All courses prescribed for PhD course work shall be dully approved by the respective Board of Studies.
  6. The department where student pursues research shall prescribe the courses.
  7. The course work may be completed at the research centre.
  8. Course work should be completed in the initial one of two semester.
  9. The grades in the course work, including research methodology courses shall be finalized after a combined assessment by the RAC and shall be submitted to the University
  10. Minimum scoring 55%

Course Code



Research Methodology



Unit I : Concept of Research (1 Credits)

  • Research Definition and Types of Research Why, What and How, Types and approach, material collection – primary and secondary sources. Different resources – library, field and other

Unit II: Experimental Design (1 Credits)

  • Method and standardization
  • Reproducibility of results
  • Computational tools for research
    • Search engines
    • Writing a Report
    • Bibliography

Unit III: Statistical tools for data analysis (2 Credits)

  • Mean, median and mode
  • Standard deviation
  • Coefficient of correlation
  • t-test
  • ANOVA and regression analysis
  • RBD and Latin square

Unit IV: Research Ethics and Good Practices and Art of Scientific Writing (2 Credits)

  • Ethics in Research, Data validation and authentication, Maintenance of Lab book for record keeping, Role of Research supervisor, Authorship, acknowledgement, reproducibility, copyright, plagiarism, plagiarism check, numbers, units, abbreviations and nomenclature used in scientific writing.

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