As per the guidelines of the Vice-Chancellor of University of Mumbai, the College has introduced a Women’s Development Cell in the academic year 2002 -2003. The main objective of the cell is to look into the grievances of the women, both staff members (teaching and non-teaching) as well as students and provide guidance and help to them.

Activities conducted by College in the past five years related to the present issue:

Our college caters to students representing marginal class of the society. They often come from big families where several generations live together. Their upbringing is greatly influenced by the behaviour and code of conduct set by the elders in the family. They often find it difficult to break through such psyco-sociologically deep rooted environment at home with regards to issues such as dislike for a girl child or more importance given to son than a daughter or belief that higher education is meant only for boys.
Many of our students are first generation learners and have therefore yet to get a sound acceptance in the society. They often feel neglected by society and thus the challenge lies in making them feel needed first so they develop a sense of belongingness to the society. Moreover in our male dominated society, issues related to women are quite complex and are multi-folded and overlapping. Our Institution therefore always has an holistic approach in addressing and handling such issues. We believe that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ not only applies to an individual’s physical health but also to the mental health of a society at large.

 Internal complaints committee (ICC)

for Sexual harassment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

Committee Members 

  • Ms. Shubhangi Vartak (Presiding Officer)
  • Dr.Baisakhi Dutta
  • Ms. Arundhati Chitre
  • Dr. Nisha Muni
  • Mr. Subodh Barve
  • Ms. Sujata Petkar(Non Teaching Staff)
  • Dr. Medha Somaiya (NGO Representative)
  • Dr. Madhura Kalamkar (I/C Principal of HVPS College of Law)

Vice Chancellor’s Directions
under Sec. 14 (8) of
Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994

Procedures to deal with cases of Sexual Harassment

CWDC Committee
  • Ms. Shubhangi Vartak (Vice Principal)
  • Dr.Baisakhi Dutta (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Arundhati Chitre (Member Secretary)
  • Dr. Nisha Muni
  • Mr. Subodh Barve
  • Dr. Sanket Tikare
  • Ms. Devashree Ghorpade
  • Ms. Sujata Petkar(Non Teaching Staff)
  • NGO Representative
  • Two Student representatives

College has mentorship program at departmental level which have different name for eg Chemistry department has named it “Maitra”, Botany department has named this scheme as “Sunflower”, Zoology as “PAVO” etc.  In this 5 to 10 students are under a teacher who is their mentor. Students freely discuss their educational, emotional problems with the mentor. Mentor approaches the parents if needed. Regular parents meeting are conducted department wise and if a student is irregular the root cause of the problem is deciphered. When our team of girl students go outstation for participating in games they are accompanied by female teachers. Similarly in all Industrial visits, excursions, study tours, female teachers accompany the students and take care of them very affectionately. 


Our College has an excellent counselor who has experience of working with street children and adolescents. They also approach her for discussing their problems and if there are serious issues she informs the head of the institution and parents for referring the patient to a clinical Psychologist. Students are counselled on stress and anger management.


The formally constituted Vigilance squad of the college takes frequent supervisory rounds of the college to ensure safety of girls. The Security personnel and watchman also ensure that students are safe in the premises. College has CCTV at the enterance, canteen, labs and all floors. Video survelliance acts as a deterrent to any untoward incidents.


The girls’ common room is near the college office and is a place for girl students to relax.  It is well ventilated, has washrooms, dressing mirrors, news papers and notice boards. All important notices related to academics, co- and extracurricular activities, association activities and examinations are displayed here for convenience of girl students so that they don’t have to visit overcrowded general notice boards. A separate suggestion box is kept in girls’ common room.   There are three female attendants who ensure safety of girls and also maintain cleanliness in the girls’ common room.


Women development cell (WDC) of the college has been established as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai. RJC-WDC in association with NGOs like ‘SNEHA’ and ‘AKSHARA’ carry out activity through out the year organizing workshop on gender sensitization, domestic violence, basic knowledge of law for women, health and hygiene for students, premarital counseling, eve teasing  & method of tackling it etc.. Head of the Institution is also the member of the WDC of University of Mumbai and in 2011 our College along with University of Mumbai organized a National Seminar of Addressing ‘Sexual harassment in Educational Institutions’ which was inaugurated by Justice Sujata Manohar.

This year our College conducted a Zonal workshop on “Meri Beti Pyari Beti” which had street plays and poster competition.

Department of humanities encourage girl students to take up projects on educating the girl child, female foeticide, self employment for girls, creat platform for training in skills viz warli painting, mehndi, beautician, jewellery designs etc. Department of Sociology   successfully carried out a project on gender audit.

Our Institution celebrates the International Women’s Day on 8th March annually in the staff room.  It involves talks by staff members, Screening of films and documentaries followed by discussion.


Our College NSS unit is very active in community service. It organizes Thalesemmia and haemoglobin check for students followed by medical counseling. Students display poster and stage street play to condemn female foeticide. They also talk about gender balance. “MAWA”  (NGO) conducts workshops mainly for male students to sensitize them about gender equality and importance of treating women with dignity.


Our College NCC unit is very active and goes on cycle expeditions every year to different borders of our country. They have visited Wagha Border, Kanayakumari, Dwarka and Shree Harikota. Besides spreading message of peace, unity, green environment, one of the theme is “Save the girl child”.


Our college has an extension unit which has students working on projects like IT, Career opportunities, green and clean environment and Anapoorna which encourages entrepreneurship. Students carried out a survey of various issues related to women (SWS), analyzed the data and suggested the solutions. There are many girl students who are enrolled in this program.

Action taken by College based on suggestions by students related to the present issue:

  • Poster/Slogan competition was held on 17th December  2012.
  • Students presented a skit on eve teasing during ‘Reflections’ (College festival) 18th December, 2012.
  • Principal and Vice – Principals had a meeting with Senior Inspectors of Ghatkopar Police Station  Chiragnagar, Ghatkopar (W).
  • Police Officer agreed to have workshop on the theme ‘Police – Your friend’ in last week of January 2013 for girl students, Boy students, Mixed group & for Parents.
  • Assurance given by police to increase patrolling on the station Road.
  • Request placed before BMC to put extra lights on the street so they are well lit.
  • Students had a peace march on 24/12/12 in Ghatkopar area carrying the banner, poster, slogan.
  • Banner saying that “ SECURITY TO WOMEN IS OUR REPSONSIBILITY” is prominently displayed at the College entrance.

VIGILANCE SQUAD  has been constituted and its information has been displayed at strategic location in the college for student reference  and  it reads as follows:

  • Eve teasing /harassment is totally banned in the premises
  • The College has a vigilance squad for protection of girl students
  • The College has a Women Development Cell (WDC)
  • Offenders will be punished as per law
  • Help Line numbers Police-103, WDC  25152731

Future plans:

  • To have help desk on campus for students in distress.
  • To get an undertaking from the students with regardsto the social security of girls
  • To have bitiya club’ of staff members with one daughter and those who have adopted girl child.
  • To have frequent workshop for parents.
  • To prepare students task force named ‘Mitr’ and train them to conduct workshop in schools and social functions like Ganapati, Navratri in their areas to spread awareness against social evils like eve teasing, harassment, anti-dowry, female foeticide, gender imbalance, gender discrimination.

B. Facilities offered by college & activities conducted:

  1. Complaint Management system:
  • The college is proactive against any kind of teasing, harassment or ragging of students. The college has anti – ragging cell as per UGC guidelines and has recently set up Vigilance Squad to ensure safety of students in general and girls in specific.
  • Women Development Cell -As per the guidelines  of University the college has a WDC (Women Development Cell) It has a separate office room and conducts various activities along with NGO  as mentioned earlier and also with University WDC unit.
  • A lady counselor is available for personal counseling.
  • There is suggestion/complaint box outside college office for all stakeholders to give their suggestions for improvement in all areas.
  • The college authorities have an open door policy. The Principal and four Vice Principals are available whenever the student approaches them. The college is very prompt in acting on any such complaint by students.Proper enquiry is conducted with the help of anti- ragging cell, WDC. Generally Matter is resolved by counseling. If need be parents are informed and counseled.
  • Concerned teachers are also informed about these cases so that they can also help the students. The security staff and other non-teaching staff are also sensitized about such issues. They are observant and intervene in such matters to prevent them.
  1. Special facilities for female staff and students:
  • Round the clock security at gate.
  • Neat, clean, airy staff room and girls’ common room for female staff members and girl students.
  • Ladies common room is located in on 1st floor of college having lady attendant, Newspaper, notice board, complaint box, first aid box.  The College office is situated on the same floor so staff members, authorities and office staff members are always available for help due to their close proximity.
  • The College premises, laboratories and corridors are under video surveillance equipped with CCTV cameras
  • Availability of doctor in emergency.
  • Special medical camp to detect anaemia, Thallesemia followed by counseling.
  • Lectures on health, hygiene and nutrition specially for girl students.
  • Use of lift permitted for 4th & 5th floor for students.
  • Separate coaching facility for Kho- Kho, boxing, Kabaddi, Taekwondo.
  • Special mats for indoor practice.
  • In case of illness taking the students to doctor / dropping home.
  • Well equipped gymnasium with separate timing for female students / teachers.
  • Special diet for girls participating in sports.
  • Conducting annual sports day where girls participate in large numbers.
  • Collaboration with various NGOs viz. Maitra, Sneha, Akshara, Mawa, LADLI- Change Maker’s Club, Avanti to organize awareness programmes like Ladli, Meri beti Pyari beti.
  1. For over all development of personality:
  • For academic activities, all the teachers are available beyond teaching hours to guide, help the students for preparing project, solving their subject difficulties.
  • The college has more than 30 associations which conduct co-curricular, extra –curricular activities.
  • Each association organizes variety of activities to name a few: seminars, presentation, elocution, on the spot talk, book talk,  field trips,  essay writing, poster making, skit presentation, science exhibition, cultural events. Students are also trained to participate in intercollegiate events by teachers.
  • Large number of girl students participates in NSS and extension activities. NSS organizes residential camp every year apart from other programmes. NSS student volunteers participate at college & university level for various causes.
  • Extension activity students focus on women’s issue. They participate in street play, poster display & survey on women’s issues.
  • The college encourages girl student to participate in NCC unit of colleges where such units exist. Students participating in sports activities, NSS, NCC are given concession in attendance. Additional exams are held for such students and special coaching is arranged. The college festival ‘Reflection’ is held annually where girls are trained to compere the show and participate in various events.
  • Student council has large representation by girl students. They organize various activities in the college and are also an integral part of the vigilance squad. They organize functions on occasion of Guru Purnima and 5th September (Teachers’ day function).
  • NCC unit goes to various parts of country on cycle expedition annually. They carry social message. One of the theme is ‘Save the girl child’.
  1. Our college is situated very close to Ghatkopar station on west side. It is very well connected by BEST buses to both central and western suburbs. We have found that majority of our students travel by train. Our College office is very prompt in issuing railway concession to needy students. Special counters are made available in office so that students get their concession form easily.
  2. Our college has more number of girl students compared to boys. Many students are first generation learner and are from marginalized section of society.
  • Parents have faith in the secured atmosphere of the college campus.
  • Every year in July parents orientation is arranged for FYBA / B.Sc /B.Com class students where the need for higher education, facilities available in college, need for good nutrition (which is not costly) is emphasized.
  • Apart from this every department conducts Parents Meeting / workshop regularly.
  • UGC released special grant to our college to appreciate the efforts being taken for enrollment of girl students.
  1. The college has a forum for Self awareness programme (SAP). This forum aims to inculcate values in students. SAP conducts various Programmes in collaboration with Chinmaya mission, Ramkrishna Mission, Satya Sai Sansthan, Art of living etc. SAP conducts orientation Programme for FY/ BA/B.Sc / class in the month of July to emphasize the need for values in our life. SAP conducts certificate course on ‘Essential Learning’.
    The college begins with a prayer every day.

The college also has

  • Spoken English class
  • Basic computer training by computer science department for students and members of non-teaching staff.
  • Placement cell – The college has placement cell & Mr. D.P. Shetty is placement Officer.
  • Earn while learn Scheme – needy students can avail this facility.
  • Free internet facility in various departments and in the central library.
  • The college has Speakers’ forum where students are trained to sharpen their oratory skills by various workshop & training programmes.
  • The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College which meets every first thursday of the month deliberates the issues and also give suggestion to various forums and associations to conduct need based program. The IQAC also helps the departments and WDC to organize seminars and workshops which are theme based.
  • On 8th and 9th of February, 2013 IQAC of the our college is organizing a State level seminar on “Promoting Women Leadership for quality academia, quality entrepreneurship, quality administration and quality professionalism.
  1.  Steps taken to boost self confidence
  • Disaster Management workshop by NSS and NCC units.
  • Our College Taekwondo team (boys and girls are University champions) and have represented at the National level. They teach basic Self defence technique to our girl students.
  • Providing a platform to students to explore their hidden potential and helping them to decide their career / profession.
  1. We believe in giving equal opportunity to our girl and boy students. This year the joint general secretary of our college students’ council is Ms. Dallas Pareira (T.Y.B.A). The Students’s council composition has a good representation of girl student. Given below is the statistics for last three years.
    2009 – 10 11 5
    2010 – 11 10 5
    2011 – 12 14 6
    2012 – 13 10 4